BREAKING: GOP Senator Resigns After Groping Female Uber Driver, Making Lewd Comments

Republican Senator Bryce Marlatt has just resigned after being accused of sexually assaulting a female Uber driver.

He is currently being charged with felony sexual battery.

Marlatt is a married father of four children and was charged after an Uber driver claims he grabbed her by the head and kissed her neck after she picked him up from an Oklahoma City restaurant.


“In court documents filed in the case, an Oklahoma City police detective says the driver told investigators Marlatt stumbled into her car and commented on her appearance when she picked him up from a restaurant June 26. She said during the ride, he grabbed her and kissed her neck and shoulder.

“He made a comment that if she worked for him then he would ‘feel’ her up,” Detective Natalie Cannon wrote in an affidavit accompanying the charge. “(Marlatt) made comments to the victim asking her to go back to his hotel with him and to have a drink with him, which she declined.”

The driver told a police detective that Marlatt said, “Hey, you got nice t—,” when she first picked him up at a restaurant, according to a court affidavit.

Marlatt previously tried to deny the allegations but when he was asked by reporters if he did it, he walked out of the courtroom without saying a word.

He is the third Republican senator from the state to resign this year.

The maximum punishment for sexual battery is 10 years in prison.



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